Labour Broking

FC Platinum Holdings commenced labour broking operations in July 2014. It specialises in providing and supplying skilled and unskilled labour to clients. Our employees are assigned to our clients for a fixed duration; according to the timelines prescribed by the client therefore entailing huge financial savings on the part of the clients. Our staff who are experts in their various interrelated fields; are well endowed with the capacity of managing labour outsourced in various sectors or industries. Some of our clients include some of the largest mining companies in Zimbabwe.

The department aims to be the leading labour broker in Zimbabwe; serving the needs of clients across all industries and providing employment for the nation’s citizens.

  • It is an avenue that can be utilized to avoid retrenchment of employees.
  • Helps the client manage employees on probation whilst assessing their competencies.
  • Makes employees available for specific tasks and for a specified period.
  • Provision of shutdown labour – Mimosa Mining Company
  • Fulfilment of unskilled labour requests – Mimosa Mining Company
  • Fulfilment of skilled/semi-skilled labour requests – Mimosa Mining Company

Why utilise us?

  • We have managed to efficiently discharge our responsibilities and mandate with some of the largest mining companies based in Zimbabwe.
  • We have an accomplished team of experienced human resources practitioners who are equipped to handle complex labour issues.
  • We are empowered to handle all aspects of the client’s workforce (including their payroll functions); therefore allowing clients to focus on their core production business without worrying about extra administrative human resource and payroll work.
  • We have the requisite experience in supplying and managing the workforce required for plant maintenance shutdowns. Our labour pools include qualified people in the form of artisans and assistants who can deliver results in an efficient manner consistent with your requirements.
  • We have in place mechanisms and working systems that allow our clients to reduce their labour demands as and when the need arises; thus ensuring that the clients do not have to go through the lengthy and cumbersome process of employee separations.
  • We have the capacity to manage casual workers as required by the Labour Act.
  • We have expertise and experience in managing labour related issues and this reduces the threat of our clients facing litigation.


  • Drafting of clients recruitment policies.
  • Recruiting according to clients’ existing recruitment policies.
  • We have well managed labour pools from which suitable candidates are derived from.
  • Interviews are done with the involvement of the clients representatives where need be.
  • All recruitment is done in terms of the Labour Act and the appropriate Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Industrial Relations

  • We have the capacity and mechanisms to handle complex industrial relations to ensure that stable and harmonious employee relations at the workplace are maintained.
  • Liaison between management and Workers Committees.
  • In case of industrial action; our well trained personnel will invoke and institute all necessary measures at their disposal; ensuring the quick return to normalcy at the workplace.
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